Arsenal are all fur coat and no knickers and need to get their house in order

The saga concerning Kieran Tierney’s proposed move to Arsenal rumbles into another week, seemingly with no sign of resolution.

The north London outfit have spent the summer like a poor imitation of Don Corleone, making clubs offers they can only refuse.

Harry Maguire was valued at around £90m by Leicester. Manchester United offered £70m. According to reports, Arsenal went in all guns blazing with an offer of… £50m. 

What kind of response did they think they’d get?

A look on Arsenal fans’ forums suggests this is a path they’ve trodden more than once.

Many think that the Gunners should have stumped up Celtic’s £25m asking price for Tierney long ago.

Good left backs are hard to find and Tierney certainly is one.

With Manchester United agreeing an £80m fee with Leicester for Maguire, Arsenal should see £25m as a bargain, and they will if they ever get the deal done.

Negotiating a good deal is one thing, add-ons are another, but what they’re offering for Tierney is 60% of Celtic’s asking price. Plus extras, which may never come to pass for any number of reasons.

Either they want the bid to be rejected or they really are out of touch with reality.

If they are planning on competing for a Champions League place, never mind the title, they need to start acting as if they belong in the company they want to keep.

If not, they should stop pretending, get on with targeting the players they can afford, and leave the rest of us to get on with preparing for the season without unwanted distractions.


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