‘Brutal truth’ for Gerrard over fantasy league win as Archie warns Celtic can ‘get better’

Steven Gerrard has said that following ‘analysis’ it was discovered that Rangers would have been champions if games had finished four minutes early.

Gerrard said: “He said: “Having analysed last season, if the games had finished after 86 minutes we’d have won the league. That’s the brutal truth.”

Why stop there? If the referee had blown the final whistle during every game where Rangers took the lead, the Ibrox side would have been gone better than Celtic by winning every game in an invincible season.

But they didn’t. Celtic won the league and both cups into the bargain. Again. That’s the ‘brutal truth’.

There comes a point, you’d imagine, where Rangers have to deal with reality.

Games last for 90 minutes and a goal in the final minute is as good as one in the first minute.

Chris Sutton makes the point: “I was under the impression games have always lasted 90 minutes but there you go…”

It was after the opening game of last season where Gerrard announced that “the world is against Rangers”. It looks like we’re in for another year of fascinating insights.

Some Rangers players have already proclaimed they’re the ‘best team in Scotland’ despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Gerrard has joined in the fantasy fuelling of expectations among fans.

Meanwhile, Barry Ferguson is the latest ex-Ibrox man to give his opinion on Kieran Tierney’s situation. Insisting that the club would have to take £25m if it was offered, he did at least admit that that Rangers fans like himself would love it if KT was to leave.

Speaking on PLZ soccer, he said: “When £25m comes calling, I think Celtic really need to take it.

“But I am sure there will be a lot of Rangers supporters happy that one of Celtic’s major players is going to be going.”

The downside for Barry and his fellow fans is that Celtic would have a huge cash windfall which, if used wisely and efficiently, would ensure that any happiness at his departure would be fleeting.

On the same show, Archie Macpherson reminded Ferguson that, while the focus seems to be on the improvement from challengers, Celtic can get better too.

He said: “We’ve talked about who’s going to be challenging and the attention obviously falls on Rangers.

“I think people have been tending to forget that Celtic can improve as well.

“They’ve got a different manager with a different style with a different perception of how to play the game. But they’ll still be strong. They’re still the team to be beaten.”

Macpherson fired a warning to challengers as he continued: “Consequently, I think it’s going to be very difficult to wrest them from their position, which is one of primacy in Scottish football.

“They’ve got momentum and they’ve got money.”

As always with Archie, it’s a fair point, well made.


4 thoughts on “‘Brutal truth’ for Gerrard over fantasy league win as Archie warns Celtic can ‘get better’

  • August 3, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    What a stupid comment from Gerrard, just shows how unintelligent and naive he is.
    So, are we going to have the refs blow for time up @86 minutes in Celtics matches this season.

  • August 3, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    There ye go…more Pearls of Wisdom from the Scouser book of philisophy.

    If , “I hadn’t slipped on my erse @Pool would have won the EPL”.
    If, ” I had stayed at Anfield and not been found out I might have been in line to succeed Kloop”.
    If ” More-or-less wasn’t such a twat with anger management issues we might have punted him already and had a proper Transfer Kitty in place”.
    “If I wan’t such an egotistical pratt I would have listened to my advisors and the bloggers and gave this Crumbledome and Auld Squint a bodyswerve.”.

    A Maestro at getting the excuses in early. If we continue with the form of today, 7-0 tae ra Hoops, then he will be gone by Xmas and Murty will be dragged screaming and weeping out of Limbo.

    Hail Hail.

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