Celtic bask in sunshine of historic win and bathe in the tears of Ibrox misery

It’s a sunny day in Glasgow but, for some, torrential rain of yesterday is still falling from the dark cloud that permanently hovers above their head.

The Hampden groundsmen will have had their work cut out draining that deluge from the heavens, mixed as it was with the tears of the Ibrox broken-hearted.

Despite what anyone says, Celtic deserved the win. These things don’t happen by accident. The longer the game went on, even with 10 men, the less they had to offer.

Good goalkeeper is as much a part of the game as good striking and Celtic have a good goalkeeper. A very good one. And then some. If there’s a way to make the deal permanent, it has to be done.

On the contrary, Rangers do not have a good striker. A good striker doesn’t waste chance after chance.

But he wasn’t simply wasting them. Not all of them anyway. He was coming up against an opponent who beat him in the contest, plain and simple.

As did Craig Gordon and Scott Bain before him. That’s to take nothing away from Forster’s performance, which is up there with the very best. He was a colossus. Before the game, you knew if it went to penalties we’d win. It didn’t even have to get that far to prove the point.

For Celtic fans who endured the 90s, this was a sweet victory. So many times, Tommy Burns’ team wiped the floor with the then Rangers only to fall to a sucker punch.

Andy Goram, aka the Flying Pig, was often the difference in those games and the Rangers cheerleaders in the media had no time for moral victories.

The only questions they wanted answered was: “What was the score?” and “Whose name is in the history books?”

Today, yet again, it’s Celtic’s name in the history books once more.

With 10 trophies on the spin in the last three and a half seasons, this great club has won almost 10 per cent of it’s entire honours during that period.

A period, let’s not forget, when the tribute act was going to come and sort us out.

Aye, well, we’re still waiting and they’re still coming. Where and when, though, nobody knows.

Celtic rode their luck at times and if Stevie Gerrard wants VAR anytime soon, bring it on. It would be the second time in less than a year that their Colombian man-child would have been sent off in these games for a start.

Maybe that’s his ploy, to save him the ignominy of another day with zero return.

He dived, fouled with impunity, and set out to deliberately injure Jullien, raking his studs down his Achilles when Celtic had already used their three substitutes. never even got booked (and “Stevie Gerrard’s Rangers’s dignity was further left in tatters when the didn’t return the ball).

So, while the “story” revolves around the “offside” analysis by CSI: Scottish Media, (it was onside) VAR would have had the dysfunctional Colombian rocket heading for an early bath.

Arfield could quite easily have joined him for his lunge in the wake of the penalty, right in front of Collum.

As for the quest for a piece of silverware to sit proudly beside the Petrofac Cup, if they at their best can’t beat our team of walking wounded, playing at their worst for an hour, that must be a dagger in their cold, dark hearts.

Looking forward to the 29th…. can Alfredo say the same?


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