Celtic board asked if they are ‘crazy’ at AGM over Resolution 12

A Celtic shareholder has asked the board if they are “crazy” over their stance on Resolution 12.

The shareholder was loudly applauded at the AGM, reports the Record, after he took the board to task over what is a running sore.

He said: “There are real and present dangers in football. It has been a six-year wait for Resolution 12.

“The joke was Resolution 12 was in long grass, but it’s more like the jungle.”

He continued: “It’s an administrative and judicial mess from the SFA.

“We have been waiting for answers in years and this board maintains we should leave this in SFA hands. Is the board crazy?”

Chairman Ian Bankier said that the club “understood how important the issue was” but maintained it was better left in the hands of the game’s authorities.

With the issue at stake is about those very authorities, it’s no real surprise that he said: “The club called on the SFA in 2017 to hold a review into all licensing processes. Regrettably, the SFA declined hold such a review.”

Bankier also said that the they had “communicated shareholder concerns” to both the SFA and UEFA, but UEFA “confirmed there was basis to investigate further.”

The resolution will go to a vote, but it’s in all likelihood a fait accompli for the board.

Resolution 12, roughly speaking, seeks redress over a whole series of shenanigans between the now-defunct Rangers and the SFA that may have resulted in Celtic being diddled out of European money.

Unsurprisingly, the SFA have snubbed a review, which would perhaps shine a light in some very dark corners.

The club says it will continue to push for an independent review.

Peter Lawwell said was “unfair” to suggest the board were “not on this” and asked “What could our motive be for having all the info and not doing our best? What are you suggesting?

The result of the vote will be announced after the AGM.

Full details can be found on the comprehensive Resolution 12 website here.

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