Celtic charged by UEFA over ‘illicit chants and banners’ against Lazio

Celtic are heading back to the UEFA dock over ‘illicit chants and banners’ at the Lazio Europa League clash.

Fans unfurled a series of banners, some drawing on political inspiration to object to Lazio’s ultras’ fascist leanings, while some simply told them where to go.

Fans also chanted ‘F*ck off Lazio’ at various stages of the game, although it’s not clear if the charge relates specifically to that.

The UEFA website states the club have been carpeted for the following:

  • Illicit banner – Art. 16 (2) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations (DR)
  • Illicit chants – Art. 16 (2) DR

It is the 19th time Celtic have been faced a UEFA rap since 2007 and their third charge this season.

Last month, Celtic were fined £10,400 after fans set off flares in the Europa League win against Cluj.

Celtic were also hit with an £11,000 fine after fans were found to have used flares in the play-off second-leg win over AIK in Stockholm in August.

Lazio will also be up before the beaks. They have also been charged over illicit chants.

Their fascist display seems to have evaded UEFA sanctions, coming as it did outside the ground.

With Glasgow police electing to ignore it, they have escaped scot-free for this repugnant act.

The cases will be adjudicated upon by Uefa’s control, ethics and disciplinary body on 21 November.


One thought on “Celtic charged by UEFA over ‘illicit chants and banners’ against Lazio

  • October 30, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    The Green Brigade must be made to pay the fine.


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