Celtic’s first dropped points open the door to more hollow boasts from Ibrox

In the wake of Celtic dropping their first points of the season and Aberdeen reserves being hit for five at Ibrox, an avalanche of gushing articles was only to be expected.

Steven Gerrard’s side are, once again, challengers and according to one player, they’re the best side in Scotland again.

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone as moonbeams and boasts of what’s going to happen have been ringing out since the summer of 2016.

Sheyi Ojo, on loan at Ibrox from Liverpool, has repeated his hollow boast that Rangers are “the best team in the league”.

Celtic Wall Art

He said in the Record that he “stands by what he said” after his comments earlier in the season.

That’s what a win against an injury ravaged side will do for the confidence. That and a couple of debatable penalties going your way.

He’s not the first person of a blue persuasion to make such a proclamation without much to justify it.

Back in 2016 when Mark Warburton brought the Ibrox into the top division having lost a mere five games in the Championship, there was a feeling of optimism among their followers.

Joey Barton was going to show Scott Brown who was boss and Brendan Rodgers was going to be found out.

Barton was soon heading back down the road with his coffee machine flex between his legs as Celtic won an Invincible Treble and added another couple for good measure.

You would imagine that any rival would look at the plentiful evidence before shooting their mouth off in public. Not even being taught a painful lesson at Ibrox at the start of September seems to have done the trick.

Celtic still sit top of the table and are over halfway to a century of goals this season before September is out.

Gone are the off-field distractions of last year and it would be a brave man to write Celtic off based on this weekend’s results. Or, in the case of someone who has already been made to eat his ill-advised words, perhaps a stupid one.

Time will tell. Regardless of all the noise, Celtic have done their talking on the pitch. That’s why they have won the last nine trophies in a row while the Rangers’, in their best season last year, finished up a distant second and failed to even come within touching distance of a cup final to threaten Celtic’s total dominance these past three years.

If that’s what constitutes success at Ibrox, they’re welcome to more of the same.


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