Chris Sutton delivers Savage slapdown in Celtic v Leicester debate

Chris Sutton has stuck up for his old club when debating the merits of Celtic over Leicester.

He and fellow BT pundit Robbie Savage regularly have a ding-dong and this morning’s Early Kick Off show was no different.

Former Foxes midfielder Savage, who is never slow to have a go at the Hoops in a bid to get a rise out of Sutton, asked how many Celtic players would get a game for Leicester.

Savage asked “How many Celtic players would get in the Leicester side?”

Panellist Steve Sidwell seemed nonplussed at the question, answering, “none”.

Sutton was having none of it. He said: “What a stupid question. You can’t buy history.

“How many Leicester players would get in the Celtic hall of fame? Name a Leicester great. I can name plenty of Celtic greats… Jimmy Johnstone, Paul McStay, Henrik Larsson.

“Celtic have won over 100 trophies, they’ve won the European Cup. What’s Leicester’s haul, four?”

Sidwell piped in, saying Sutton was “living in the past”.

The discussion is indicative of the type of arrogance Celtic and Scottish football in general face by EPL fanboys and the media down south.

Savage and Sidwell would probably would have asked a similar question last year or the year before and come up with the same answer. Yet, in that time, at least one Celtic player has moved to Arsenal and another to Lyon, with Man Utd waiting in the wings to sign him.

Both a far higher level than Leicester, with all due respect. Teams down south baulked at buying Van Dijk and Wanyama, but both played in the European Cup final for English clubs last year.

Not to mention the small matter that Brendan Rodgers admitted he wanted to sign Callum McGregor… for Leicester.

After their respective midweek performances, how many Spurs players would get into the Celtic side might be a better question.


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