Former Celtic star Charlie Nicholas proves he’s out of touch with odd Edouard blast

Charlie Nicholas says that Odsonne Edouard “irritates” him over the way he celebrates a goal.

Edouard is on fire this season and it’s clear to most onlookers that, when he sees the ball hit the back of the net, he’s delighted.

Former Hoops striker Nicholas, however, thinks the laid-back Frenchman isn’t expressive enough and accuses him of often looking “uninterested” during games.

In a surprising observation, Nicholas also claims that while Eddie is the best forward in the country, he has a genuine rival at Ibrox.

Writing in the print edition of the Express, he said: Odsonne Edouard is the top striker in Scotland but Alfredo Morelos is starting to close the gap.”

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Nicholas said: “The Celtic frontman is a better all-round footballer, although he has this slightly annoying habit of looking too casual and uninterested a lot of the time.

“It’s as if he can’t be too fussed in the so-called lesser games.”

Normally, a player stepping up to do the business in big games, as Edouard does, is something to be lauded. Morelos may have a habit of banging in goals against, with all due respect, the league’s lesser lights, but when it comes to matches that give his team a chance of actually winning something, he’s found wanting.

Steven Gerrard isn’t the first Rangers manager to leave Morelos on the bench for big games, as he did at the start of September for Celtic’s visit.

There’s a reason for it and it’s that not only is Morelos nowhere near the best player in Scotland, he’s most likely not even the best player at Ibrox.

Perhaps Nicholas is “watching” Scottish football from afar too much, or just getting suckered by the noise over Morelos as Rangers try to drum up interest in their player.

The main bee in Nicholas’ bonnet is when Edouard hits the back of the net. He said: “The thing that irritates me more than anything is his lack of celebration when he scores.”

There’s absolutely no doubt that Charlie Nicholas loved scoring goals and the joy was written all over his face. But everyone is different and so are their celebrations. Is it not enough to jump in the air with a smile on your face these days or slide along the pitch towards the fans? It’s utter nonsense.

When it comes to emotions, Edouard may be less showy than Nicholas, but it doesn’t mean he’s less effective.

As someone who moved to Scotland as a teenager, the laconic youngster has gone from bit-part, impact player below Dembele in the pecking order to being far and away the best in the business here.

For comparison, he doesn’t have a Frank McGarvey to lean on up front and has adapted to a new country far better than Nicholas did when he moved south in 1983.

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Nicholas thinks Edouard will go on to move next season for £25m. An up and coming French striker is going to get the same fee as left-back Kieran Tierney? That glass ceiling has already been broken.

Even without picking apart that strange logic over a potential fee, if he thinks the Colombian will reach anywhere near that, he’s guilty of listening to the hype.

Rangers’ financial situation is such that they need to sell, soon, while their fans are so desperate for some of equivalence with Celtic that they’ll drive him to the airport if anyone is daft enough to offer what the Hoops got for Dembele.

Celtic fans would rather keep their best players, and as strikers go no one gets close to Edouard, and keep winning on the pitch.

If that remains the case, former one-of-a-kind Nicholas may find himself out on a limb when it comes to being “irritated” at a top player doing the business for his old club.


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