Ibrox deflection shield raised after Rugby Park chaos

Rangers have gone on the offensive after their fans were involved in a number of serious incidents during their tie with Kilmarnock on Sunday.

Before the game, TV footage shows fans forcing the gate to let fellow supporters rush in. Fans cheer and start singing as they charge in.

During the game, the end housing the Rangers fans looked to be overcrowded. At the end, when the Ibrox side scored a late winner, a number of fans celebrate by running onto the pitch.

More seriously, several fans jumped around on top of the disabled section, which subsequently caved in. Fans below were lucky to escape serious injury during the incident.

The full songbook got belted out too, with barely a Rangers song or football chant being aired.

The incidents have been criticised by almost everyone but, as usual, Rangers appear to be pointing the finger at everyone bar themselves.

Then, today, it was reported that an Ibrox spokesman hit out at the Green Brigade, who attended Celtic v Rangers women’s match on Sunday.

They said: “Our women were subjected to misogynistic and sectarian abuse, which is totally unacceptable.”

“Perhaps security measures need to be introduced for Rangers women when they have a match away from home against Celtic.”

As yet, there appears to be no evidence for such an accusation. Celtic say that this is the first time they have heard of any alleged incident.

The club responded to the allegation saying: “We are surprised by these claims which have been made today. We have no knowledge of any incidents at all and nothing whatsoever has been raised with the club either at the time or since Sunday’s match,” reports the Record.

The Green Brigade also released a statement, saying that they treated the accusations “with the contempt they deserve”.

It read: “The Green Brigade takes pride in our efforts to support access to football for all irrespective of race, religion or sex. On Saturday we displayed banners and distributed leaflets to highlight the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers in Glasgow.

“On Sunday, we offered our support to the Celtic Women’s team, enjoying a familiar victory over our inferior Glasgow rivals.

“Neither action was monumental however merely a continuation of the small, humble steps we take to tackle discrimination and promote inclusivity.

“Clearly, we treat recent allegations of misogyny and sectarianism with the contempt that they deserve.

“We are content that our efforts across the weekend have been well received and would encourage the offended party from Sunday to re-educate themselves on misogyny and sectarianism. Given their vast experience of the latter, we would expect them to be better informed.”

The accusations from Ibrox are remarkably convenient, given the heat on them for the scenes on Sunday.

With everyone and their dog having a video on their phone these days, you would think the concerned “Rangers official”, who it’s claimed spoke to match officials, would have recorded the alleged abuse.

Further to the above, a Kilmarnock fans’ spokesman said tonight on Radio Scotland that the Rugby Park club shouldn’t be penalised for the scenes on Sunday.

He makes a reasonable point but ruins it by constantly referring to the “Old Firm” causing chaos.

The “Old Firm”, if such a thing existed, didn’t play on Sunday. Rangers were the visitors, but that club’s name didn’t appear to be mentioned by the Killie fans’ spokesman.

He called for the “Old Firm’s” ticket allocation to be cut once again, saying a lot of Killie fans don’t attend these games because of the hassle.

What prevents them from attending other games?

Some Celtic fans did spill onto the pitch last season when Scott Brown scored a last-minute winner. Hopefully, it’s something that isn’t replicated for reasons that should be pretty apparent.

However, there is no comparison between what happened in that match and the utter chaos of Sunday. Celtic should not be getting their ticket allocation cut as a result of other team’s misbehaviour and it’s hoped that his suggestion is dismissed as the nonsense it is.

Once again, no Rangers players were booked for their celebrations (Brown was red-carded for a second yellow) and the lack of consequences for actions on and off the pitch seems to embolden those who seem determined to ramp it up at every opportunity.

We’re one game into the season and, just like last year with the “whole world is against us” nonsense after Pittodrie, they’re bringing the game into disrepute at every level.


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