Neil Lennon dismisses Kieran Tierney ‘nonsense talk’

Neil Lennon has dismissed reports that Kieran Tierney could be out for up to eight weeks.

The Celtic boss said it was “nonsense” and said the left-back could be back in action in a week or two.

Lennon said: “I know there’s talk of him being out for another eight weeks, but that’s nonsense.”

“I don’t know where that’s come from because that’s certainly not the case at all,” reports the Sun.

Lennon said there was no further news over KT’s potential £25m move to Arsenal, stating that it had gone “surprisingly quiet” on that front.

Quizzed on whether Tierney’s injury situation may be putting the move on ice, Lennon said: “I don’t think so, no. He’ll be fit in a week or two.

“He still has some adductor pain but the pubic problem is starting to settle and he’s over the double hernia.

Lennon said he’d be “surprised” but happy if there are no further moves from the north London outfit and insists Celtic will be active in the transfer market regardless of whether he stays or goes.

He said: “We have money to spend if needed. If we keep Kieran then it’s brilliant because we’ll be keeping a top-quality player.


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