Neil Lennon says he’s ‘never heard of’ Sergio Quintero in transfer update

Neil Lennon says he’s ‘never heard of’ Ecuadorian Under-20 star Sergio Quintero.

Speaking to BBC Sportsound after Celtic’s 3-1 win in Sarajevo, Lennon was quizzed about Celtic’s interest in the Imbabura powerhouse, only to deny all knowledge of the player when it was suggested a move was “looking promising”.

Lennon replied: “Never heard of him.”

The reporter tried again, saying: “The Ecuadorian?” to no avail.

Playing his cards close to his chest, Lennon insisted the name ‘hasn’t cropped up at all”, saying Quintero hadn’t “popped up on his radar”.

Expanding on Celtic’s search for new players, Lennon said the club were “looking at a number of positions”.

He said: “Hopefully we can some business done sooner rather than later. The priority is to try and negotiate these qualifiers and the more quality we have the better chance we’ll get.”

Quintero had earlier claimed a move to Glasgow’s east end could happen this week.

Speaking to El Universo in his homeland, he said: I’m thinking about a move to European football. I’m taking it easy, calmly.

“The representatives of Celtic were talking with the president of Imbabura.

“We have to reach an agreement this week, but if things do not happen I have proposals from other sides and also from Ecuador.

“You have to make the best decision.”


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    Hi. What browser are you using? It looks fine to me on Chrome and Firefox and also on mobile phone. I haven’t had anyone else mention this.


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