Tony Mowbray’s flawed logic as he ‘sounds warning’ to Celtic

Former Celtic boss Tony Mowbray has praised the job Steven Gerrard is doing after his Blackburn side drew with Rangers in a friendly.

Mowbray, a popular figure at Celtic in the early 90s returned to Parkhead for a brief, ill-fated stint in the dugout in 2009.

The ex-Celt, speaking after his team drew 1-1 in a friendly at Ibrox, said that Rangers will be ‘a force’ this season.

With the crucial admission that he hadn’t seen Rangers play this season, Mowbray said after yesterday’s 90 minutes that Gerrard had his side “well coached”.

He said: “I can say hand on heart I have never watched a moment of Rangers play this season but we played Liverpool this time last season and they play the same 4-3-3 formation.

“They press high from the front, they drop their midfielders deep and try and overload you.

“They suck you on top of them then play through.

“As I said they are a well coached team and you can see they are going to be a force this season.”

The redtops have jumped on his comments, suggesting that this means they are the “real deal”.

Of course, there’s every chance Mowbray was simply being polite, as Gerrard himself revealed the flaws in his observation.

The Ibrox boss said: “The two lessons we’ll take from the game are we need to kill teams off and we can’t turn the ball over in dangerous areas because good teams and good players will punish you.”

This quote could have been taken from any of the games last season which saw Rangers drop points on a frequent basis

Celtic fans are, of course, used to this situation in the close season or January break.

Rangers tend to “win” the transfer window as they “swoop” for players left, right and centre. From Warburton through Caixinha and onto Gerrard, this has been the recurring narrative.

They do have a large squad, but they can only put 11 players on the pitch at any given time.

With the exception of right-back, as it stands, it’s unlikely they have any players that would get into the Celtic side ahead of our own players.

The more Rangers get the better of Celtic, the more Celtic seems to win. Funny that!


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