Top lawyer blasts cops after Lazio ‘Nazis parade unchallenged’ before Celtic game

A top Scottish lawyer has hit out at Police Scotland after last night’s shameful scenes when hundreds of fascist Lazio fans made Hitler salutes in Glasgow city centre.

Aamer Anwar pointed out that the thugs “broke the law with no consequences” and asked the question many people want the answer to:

“Where exactly were Police Scotland?”

Anwar points out that the police force will have had detailed knowledge of the “political” leanings of Lazio’s ultras.

They were recently ordered to close a section of their stadium due to fans’ fascist behaviour and have a long history of far-right activity.

Yet in disturbing scenes, hundreds of racists were allowed to march scot-free through Buchanan Street.

Just as mobs of violent Ajaz hooligans were allowed the freedom to attack supporters on the Gallowgate a couple of years ago, questions need to be asked as to why police are adopting a softly-softly approach with groups of thugs who are variously breaking the law, intimidating and attacking people.

Anwar continued: “What is the point of streets cameras and so-called intelligence gathering if they can’t do the basic policing?” reports the Record.

He continued: “There should never be any no-go zones for members of the public just because of a football match, but today many avoided the city centre or forced to watch a bunch of Nazis parade the streets unchallenged.”

A further disgraceful incident occurred as dozens of Lazio fans took the opportunity to relieve themselves in a housing scheme in the east end as they were escorted to Celtic Park.

Video footage captured by outraged residents showed police watching as the fans lined up to pee on fences on people’s gardens. Cops did nothing as this was going on.

It is a only a half-hour walk from the Merchant City to Celtic Park so there is absolutely no need that so many people should have found themselves unable to control their bladder.

They were, quite bluntly, taking the piss and the police were happy to let them do it.

Meanwhile, Lazio have condemned the fans for “bringing Hitler into the club”.

That news must come as a blow to the many fans of a certain club playing out of Ibrox, who were swift to jump to the defence of the racists across social media.


One thought on “Top lawyer blasts cops after Lazio ‘Nazis parade unchallenged’ before Celtic game

  • October 27, 2019 at 10:45 pm

    I find it disgusting and sickening that “police Scotland ” find nothing wrong with neo-nazis giving
    nazi salutes as they made their way to “PARADISE”. They most likely didn’t want to jail some of their own , Italian neo-nazi police officer’s . HAIL HAIL


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